Are you due for some new Tyres?

Are you due for some new Tyres?

We have a huge range of car tyres to suit most vehicles offering one of the biggest range of car tyres in Beaudesert! We will never be TOO TYRE'D to help you. Request a quote today and ask about our best price guarantee.

How to read Tyre Size

tyre size guide Understanding the Measurement of your Tyre's is Easy!

In this example: 215/60R15

215 is the width of the tyre in millimetres.
60 is the aspect ratio or tyre profile.
R means it is radial construction.
15 is the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.

By providing these details to us we will be able to find the perfect tyres for your car at Zupps Nissan Beaudesert!

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The Importance of your Car Tyres

NO matter how good the car you're driving is, its overall performance is directly governed by the quality of its tyres and the grip they provide.

It is not uncommon for road drivers to continue to drive on worn out tyres. To try and understand the scope of this issue, tyre manufactures often conduct car park surveys at shopping centres to see the general state of tyres on our roads.

They've discovered as many as 80% of the cars surveyed had tyres that were either not cared for correctly or had issues such as incorrect pressure, damage or illegal tread depth.

Your tyres play a vital role in your driving safety and their importance cannot be understated.

Bald tyres are extremely dangerous because there is no tread to pump the water away and the car will be slipping and sliding as soon as the rain arrives.

So when should you replace your tyres? That's a good question and an easy one to answer.

Tyres have wear indicators that tell you when the tread is too low. Look closely at the shoulder of the tyre and you'll notice a number of marker arrows. These are about 30cm apart around the edge of the tyre and point to the indicators location. The wear indicators are raised bumps, around 1.6mm high, in the main channels of the tread itself.

A new tyre has about 8-9mm of tread depth, but as we drive the tread wears down. Once it wears down to the top of the wear bars it's time to fit some new rubber.

When this time arrives it pays to talk with a tyre specialist about the type of tyre that will best suit your needs.

As reported in Sunshine Coast Daily by Russell White