Zupps Tyre Centre


Zupps Beaudesert Tyres can provide a range of quality tyres that will enhance your cars safety and performance. We have fully qualified technicians and state of the art equipment to provide all your tyre care needs like wheel alignments and and rotations.

Passenger vehicle tyre tips

  • Check tyre pressure periodically and when tyres are cool 
  • Advisable to rotate tyres every 5000km for Bias tyres and 7500km-10,000km for Radial tyres
  • Always clean the tyre with water when tyre sidewall is dirty as this can deteriote the sidewall compound
  • Don't overload as this can not only be unsafe but also costly due to abnormal flexing of the tyre
  • It is advised to have a wheel balance every 10,000km to ensure smooth driving
  • Avoid driving over obstructions, sharp objects and potholes and if there is no way of avoiding these reduce your speed to ensure tyre wear is kept to a minimum
  • Excessive use of brakes reduces lifetime of tyre tread 

4WD tyre tips

  • When moving to a bigger tyre size, re-gear the front and rear ends to offset the size
  • Under inflated tyres cause the engine to work harder, wear faster and affect the steering and handling of the vehicle 
  • 'All-terrain' treat performs well under a variety of off-road conditions. The closed tread design tends to be less noisy  on the highway, but louder  than a street tyre
  • Under normal loads inflate tyres according to vehicle manufacturers recommendations