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At Zupps Beaudesert Nissan and Suzuki we have a huge range of genuine Nissan & Suzuki car parts and accessories in-stock now. As part of Automotive Holdings Group (Australia’s largest motoring group) you can trust our team of specialists when it comes to the knowledge of Nissan and Suzuki car parts and accessories.

Beware of strangers! MUST WATCH!

Brake pads, windscreen wipers, lubricants .... we recommend sticking to genuine!

Why genuine?

Putting unknown parts in your vehicle is like trusting a stranger.
Insist on Nissan Genuine Parts.

Nissan is committed to providing parts and accessories that are designed and developed specifically for your vehicle. By fitting Nissan Genuine Parts and Accessories you can rest easy knowing our high-quality standards ensure the perfect fit, increased safety and reliability, allowing you to future-proof your Nissan. Your Nissan vehicle is an important investment so don’t compromise on safety or reliability – insist on Nissan Genuine Parts and Accessories.

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Nissan Genuine Parts and Accessories have undergone thousands of hours of rigorous testing to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, as your safety is our priority.

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Nissan Genuine Parts and Accessories are built to be reliable, with the added peace of mind that they are covered by the Nissan New Vehicle Warranty

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Perfect Fit

Nissan Genuine Parts and Accessories are made to perfectly fit your vehicle, ensuring it runs at its optimum level and is ready for any adventure.

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Future Proof

Only Nissan Genuine Parts and Accessories keep your vehicle complete, just like the day you bought it, maintaining its resale value.

Don't own a Nissan?

If you don't own a Nissan, don't fear! We have access to a huge network of parts and accessories of genuine car parts across various manufacturers. We are proud to be a part of Australia's Largest Motoring Group. 

We pride ourself on being able to provide competitive pricing and personalised service.

Country service and metro prices, at Zupps Beaudesert we are committedto look after you and your car! 

- Simon Childs - Dealer Principal